Remix. The Backend React JavaScript Framework

Recently, there's been a move from the front end to the backend and Remix, formerly a React Router libray has graduated to a full framework giving you a lot of super cool

Remix is a new framework that uses the power of the back end and almost magic routing to help you build your apps using React.

What's Special

One of the coolest features in this platform is nested routes. Instead of loading different parts of the pages dynamically like in a single page app, it fetches and caches parts of the page on the server and then sends it to the client fully formed.

The other thing is that it handles data loading and processing on the server side. If you're not use to posting data to a server and receiving a response, then this will seem weird, but it's the way the web is supposed to work.

The Demo

In this tutorial I'm going to build a simple app in less than 10 minutes to give you an idea of what Remix is trying to do and how it beautifully manages one of the hardest parts of the web...routing.

I'll show you how to install Remix, what you get once that's done, how to add some modules like Pico, add CSS files, regular and nested routes.