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The Unforgettable Ride
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Having launched The Toolbox this week, my thoughts go back to my childhood and how teaching myself how to ride a bike taught me everything I needed to know about learning things permanently.
How Can Github Help me Manage my Development Projects? The Toolbox - Episode 01
toolbox |
In this episode...the official first episode of the Toolbox, we'll take a look at some great new tools, including my new favorite flowchart designer, a site that explains the shell and I'll introduce you to the tools inside Github that help with Project Management.
The Quizzical Dream
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In this episode, I talk about the joys of quizzing. Also, why I think it's an inffective tool for gauging developer performance and how I came up with the perfect quiz that you have to get 100% in order to pass. Plus, you can watch me struggle through a JS quiz.
Why JavaScript is Definitely Weird: The Toolbox - Episode 00
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In this...the unofficial Episode 0. I take a look at an article on why npm audit is broken, check out the AppSumo sale, a query language for Wikipedia, important changes to Git and struggle through the JS is weird test.
The Unpredictable Storm
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Hurricane Elsa wasn't the strongest hurricane when it passed through my area, but sometimes the unexpected storms are the best reminders of how to prepare yourself for the future. In this issue, I take a look at how to prepare for the coming storms and two companies that are doing it right. Plus I talk about my next live stream...The Toolbox.
The Auspicious Overlords
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Will the AI Overlords take your job away any time soon? I talk about the latest entry from Github that writes code by synthesizing billions of lines of code. Plus, you'll find out what my next two live streams are all about.
The Space Rules
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This week, I might just settle that argument of wether spaces or tabs are best in development. I'll even tell you if I prefer single over double quotes. Somehow I end up talking about privacy and make a big announcement about my largest course ever.
Bootstrap 5: Essential Training
courses |
Bootstrap—a front-end framework using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript—is designed to help developers quickly and easily build responsive, mobile-ready websites that are cross-browser compatible.
The Creator Conundrum
newsletter |
This week, I'm talking about Creator Mode and what it's going to do to LinkedIn and my own journey learning to accept the inevitable. No nerdy stuff, just a bit of excitement over the feature now being available to everyone.
The Canine Nourishment
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Don't worry, this is not going to be an article about Mojo, the coding dog...or his food. It's more about making sure you understand your product, before you start making changes.