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The New Lingo
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When I was a boy, my family moved about every three years to a new country. Although every one spoke spanish, the language wasn't the same. There are new words to learn, old words with new meaning and things you can say in one country that shouldn't be said in another. It's the same way with web development.
Windi CSS: Is it a Tailwind CSS Killer?
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When it was released, Tailwind CSS is of those frameworks that made everyone notice. Popularity, breeds competition and there's a contender that's been gaining ground called WindiCSS. Let's take a look at why you'd want to consider it, and then we'll build something with it.
MiniMasonry, Simple.css, Rust, Iles and Big WindiCSS demo
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In this episode of the toolbox, we'll take a peek at some new libraries like minimason and simple.css, then talk about how Rust is taking over the web, plus we'll look at some major new major frameworks like Remix and Iles. Then, I'll show you a demo of WindiCSS, a contender that offers some improvements over TailwindCSS. It's not in your mind, the pace of the web is to keep's time, for the Toolbox
The Nuclear Fusion
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What does Nuclear Fusion have to do with JavaScript, the big Meta and recording live action videos? I'm not sure, but I think I figured something out this week as I worked through all the changes around me. I don't think I'm going to be in the Meta Universe, but the change is the weird part I enjoy.
Carousels, Multi Repo CLI and Coding Fonts - Episode 12
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In this episode of the toolbox, I'm going to try out one of the most feature-full carousel frameworks out there called SplideJS, plus in the shorts, I talk about the State of the Octoverse, why the creator of Svelte, just got hired by Vercel...Plus, we're looking for teachers at LinkedIn Learning. It's Wednesday November 24 and this is Episode let's get started
The Road Again
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I decide to take a break and go somewhere in my RV with the worst possible internet connection. Plus, how to be a tech teacher, YouTube makes moves, the gig economy and the end of coding as we know it.
The End of Coding as we know it.
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In this episode of the Toolbox, I'm going to talk about my recent experience creating a new course using online tools and why I think that's the future of coding...Dear friends, it's the end of coding as we know it.
The There Yet
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In this edition, I reminisce about the time I ran into someone that looked just like my friend Morten...but with a Mohak, then ran into Morten. Plus what's new in the GitHub Universe conference, the Tailwind CSS 3.0 Alpha and a brand new episode of the Toolbox.
Github Universe/TailwindCSS 3
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In this special GitHub Late edition of the Toolbox, I'll talk about my favorite Universe announcements, then, I'll share a new exciting Tailwind CSS 3.0 Alpha feature and one more tip in searching through your terminal history. It's Wednesday, October 27 and this is episode 10. Let's get started.
The Home Work
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Last week, in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced where their policy for work is going three days in the office/four weeks working from home a year. The change in the structure of work is going to be one of the biggest shifts on how companies will operate in the future. Here's what I think.