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The Broadcast Disaster
newsletter |
I learned some great lessons about streaming while working for a company with a nightly live news show. Never before or since have I experienced the level of stress they've mastered and I'll never forget the lessons it taught me about the importance of staying cool under pressure.
What New Framework should you try next -- The Toolbox Ep 07
toolbox |
In this episode of the toolbox, we take a look at Alpline.js. an up and coming frameworks that rewires your mind and like Tailwind CSS lets you do everything with only the HTML file. I’ve got lots of Toolbox shorts, GitHub tips and I’ll let you take a peek at what I’m working on next in JSL.
The Speedy Slowness
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Sometimes, the best way to get faster at something is to slow down and take the time to develop a process that will eventually pay off. I had a chance to rethink how I created a new series so it could be handled by a larger team of people. They say that slow is smooth and smooth is fast. Here's how I did it.
The Coolest Bootstrap 5.1 Features -- The Toolbox Ep 06
toolbox |
In this episode of the toolbox, we're going to talk about some of the coolest features in bootstrap 5.1, like support for offCanvas in navbars, placeholders and stacks. In Toolbox Shorts we've got an amazing search engine for developers and a big change on how Google indexes titles. Plus demos of how to streamline your querySelectors and what's quite possibly the next big thing in CSS development. It's Wednesday, September 8, 1pm Eastern time...and this is episode 06. So, let's get tooling
The Changing History
newsletter |
Time Travel is a dangerous concept...if you can change the past. This week, I ask the question...what would you be willing to give up to change the past? Plus, I've got a new GitHub course and a new some Tailwind related shorts.
Using CodeSpaces to Create a Jailwind JIT Environment -- The Toolbox Ep 05
toolbox |
Create your own repo that can take the place of CodePen or a custom environment with your own node modules to install and run Tailwind CSS.
Learning Git and Github 2021
courses |
Version Control lets you manage changes you've made to files over time, and is an essential skill for developers to master. Git is by far the most popular version control system on the web. In this fast-paced course, Ray Villalobos shows you the fundamental commands that you need to work with most Git projects.
The Collaboration Conundrum
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My sisters were masters in the art of collaboration...specially when it came to tormenting their younger brother. Which reminds me of GitHub...a company who's also mastered collaboration. A new Github Code Challenges course and as usual, I share some excellent tools.
GitHub Tools You Should Now -- The Toolbox Episode 04 -- Special Launch Edition
toolbox |
I'm celebrating the release of my new course: GitHub Code Challenges. So, in a special launch edition of The Toolbox, I go over some of the latest GitHub Tools and updates as well as some of my favorite GitHub tips you should already know.