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If you often add indicators and controls to your Bootstrap 5 carousel, you can make that process easier using JavaScript to generate those for you, requiring only additional classes.
Hacking the Bootstrap 5 Carousel: Building Sidebar Carousels with CSS
You don't have to a single carousel on a page, they work really well on sidebars to cycle through content, getting attention by using their sliding or fading features.
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The Bootstrap Carousel is one of the the most popular components in Bootstrap 5, but we have the technology to improve it and at the same time learn about some of my favorite new css features object-position and object-fit.
The Launch Video LiveStream: Understanding how React Hooks work with GraphQL using the Github GraphQL API
GraphQL and React are extemely popular web development platforms and if I was looking for a job something that i'd definitely want on my resume. The Github API is public and pretty well made, so it makes it a great place to experiment on something practical.
Online Tools, Extensions and Modules to Get Started on your Next Web Development Project
You've got a new project to build, but how to begin. Ohhh the many ways to go. Should I use React, Svelte or Vue.js. Bootstrap or Tailwind, which Bundler should I use. Heres some great ways to get going quickly.
Try out the latest and most efficient image compression with Squoosh from Google
Squoosh let's you explore the web's latest and greatest compression formats like WebP, AVIF, JPEG-XL and others.