Secrets Professional Developers Know - Ep 30

In this special episode of The Toolbox, I talk to Carlos Solis about the differences between junior and senior devlopers. I'm also doing some live AI Image Generation with DALL*E and talk about some of the newest frameworks. The Pace of the web is relentless...and that's why you need, The Toolbox.

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Industry News

Lets quickly review some of the latest industry news:

Dall-E This week, Dall*E, an artificial intelligence GTP-3 based image generator. If you've heard of GitHub CoPilot, this does something similar with images. It creates realistic images using plain text definitions. They just started opening up their project to early adopters.

Deno Most of today's web software is developed on node.js, which lets you work with JavaScript on the server, so things like node modules are created in this framework, but it's pretty old. Ryan Dahl, the original creator created a new framework called Deno. It lets you use things like fetch, websocket, has built in support for typescript and JSX, plus more.

Fresh is on my list of new things to try. Fresh is the first framework based on Deno, which is designed to send zero javascript to the client and has no build step. The interesting thing is that the majority of the rendering would be done by the server and zero javascript on the client. Think of a static built site, but all done for you on the server.

Bun This probably wins the award for the most hyped new framework I've seen recently. It's a new JavaScript runtime that's once again server based. It's a completely different JavaScript runtime extending JavaScriptCore, which is what Safari uses. The runtime is basically the engine that makes web browsers possible.

Like Deno, it gives you access to webAPIs like Fetch and WebSocker as well as JSX and TypeScript. You can use ESM and CommonJS bundles, which is how you import JavaScript.

Bun is written in this new language called Zig that I've never heard of before. There seems to be a lot of movement in lower level languages with things like Rust also getting some of the spotlight.

In that same vein, there's a new kid on the block from Google called Carbon, which is supposed to be a successor to C++. The interesting thing about this language is that it doesn't try to replace C++, but be more how typescript works with JavaScript. The language is 100% compatible with C++, so you can use your existing code and modules, but it addresses some of the technical debt that's built up.

Toolbox Talks

I started a new series of Talks, I'm calling Toolbox Talks and I had a great interview with Ronnie Sheer about Python and Christina Truong about CSS.

This week, I'm continuing that talking to Carlos Solis, who is a Developer Advocate with a ton of courses on our library...mostly in spanish, but two on the English Library that I think all of you should go take.