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Sites like CodePen and JSBin provide code sandboxes that allow people to try code out. Although this might be a little self serving, I like this code sandbox creator library. I've been using CodePen and CodeSwing in my demos, but I always feel like it's safer if I could have my own version.
Xtend UI
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One of the problems with Tailwinds is that it doesn't come with it's own components like Bootstrap, so a lot of solutions have come out to try to fix that shortcoming. XtendUI boasts a number of excellent components with animations and it happens to be framework agnostic.
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This is a unique idea in framework development. A framework designed to compile to other frameworks. It's also inspired by other frameworks. At first it looks surprisingly like React, but it also gets inspiration from just about everything else.
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I'm a sucker for replacement content extensions when you open a new tab, so I was excited to try this one which adds random code snippets that can help you learn the language of your choice. It's very customizable with over 900 snippets.
MarkApp is a small site by Lea Verou to showcase a few declarative HTML libraries. They let you add interactivity to your sites without having to write any Javascript. I think too many of these could be a problem, but dang it..sometimes you just want to get things done.
Hydrogen E-commerce Framework
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Who thinks you need to learn a new framework? Well, evidently shopify has something special just for you. Honestly, I hate learning new frameworks either, specially when as advertised it's an opinionated framework. That's usually the death knell to any product...except when I live all the decisions they make.
Eta Templater
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I hadn't heard of this templating system, but it claims to be a successor to EJS, which I really loved before I got into Eleventy and Liquid.
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Let's face it. JavaScript's date implementation has never been great or had great options. I used Moment.js for while, but it seems to have lost support/steam. Here's a small minimalist alternative. Immutable and i18n compatible.
Jamstack Conference Videos
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I went to the very first JamStack Conference and it was mostly fun, ran into Chris Coyier and Web Bos so that's cool. Here's a playlist with the 2020 version. Put together by Netlify, looks like some great content, but I just can't find the time to watch that much online conference content.
Eleventy 1.0
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The way versions are numbered in the web world is always a mystery to me. I've used eleventy for quite a while, but only recently did they go to a 1.0 release. There's not even that much new other than a serverless functions, which is cool, but doesn't feel so revolutionary to warrant a new version.
Astro .21 Preview
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Normally I don't cover small release, but heck Astro is the new talk of the town, so why not. This new release is powered by Vite, a new WASM compiler plus components in markdown. This is growing up to be more than just a small framework with some tricks into a platform for publishing.
Nuxt 3
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Not to be confused with NextJS, this Vue.js clone gives you most of the features of that React Framework, but working within Vue with a sweet installation API, routing, rendering modes, data fetching. If you live Vue, you're pretty much going to love Nuxt.
Oh My Zsh
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I'm not kidding, you're not going want to go back to the regular shell after trying this. You can make your shell have custom colors, auto-complete, search google and tons more. If you're a terminal warrior, then follow that link for some nerdvana.
React Hot Toast
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Get your toasts (small notifications) in React with this small library. Accessible and customizable looks like a good option to add this simple, but useful feature.
Electron Fiddle
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If you've been meaning to try out the Electron platform to build cross-platform apps using web technologies, you can download an app with all the dependencies already pre-installed. It's a great way to try out electron without committing.
Styled Components with Stiches
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Are you into styled components, Check out this framework agnostic, an interesting API with a short learning curve and lots of features. I'm not sure I'm sold on this quite yet, although they're a good idea for component based architectures.
State of CSS Survey
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This is one of the most comprehensive once a year surveys on how the community feels about different libraries, tools and features. If you want to get the results or just want to contribute to the community, it's a simple way to cast a vote.
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You totally didn’t know you wanted to use this library until you visit the site and play around with it. A framework compatible library for building touch enabled 3d parallax transformations. Sounds like it should be in some sort of Web Developer bingo pool.
React Preview
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A React Plugin for Visual Studio Code, WebStorm or the command line that lets you preview all of a project's components and storybook stories. Sort of like an in browser preview that you get with the react chrome tools.
Flag Icons
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Bookmark this when you need a flag in SVG format...Hey website, Panama is in Central...not North America.