Hacking the Bootstrap 5 Carousel: Consistent Height Carousels with CSS Gradients and Object Fit
The Bootstrap carousel is one of the most popular components in Bootstrap 5, but we have the technology to improve it and at the same time learn about one of my favorite new CSS features object-position and object-fit.
Building Sidebar Carousels with CSS by Hacking the Bootstrap Carousel
You don't have to use a single carousel on a page, they work really well on sidebars to cycle through content, getting attention by using their sliding or fading features.
Best Web Developer Tools, Extensions and Modules to Get Started on your Next Web Design Project
You've got a new web development project to build, but how to begin. Here's a few tips and tricks that I use which are the best ways to get your web design projects started quickly.
Automate Image Compression for your Websites with the latest codecs using Squoosh from Google
To get the smallest sizes for your web design images, you need to try the latest codecs like WebP, MozJPEG, AVIF and Google created an excellent tool that helps you automate that process.
CSS Tips and Tricks: Responsive content without media queries using CSS Clamp()
There's a super useful CSS function called Clamp() you've got to learn as a part of your of bag of CSS Tips and Tricks.
Bootstrap Icons - Free Icons for Web Design
If you're looking for free Icons for web design. Bootstrap Icons is an open source icon set from the makers of the bootstrap framework with more than 1300 icons
Tailwind CSS vs Bootstrap-Is it time to switch?
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JavaScript ES2020 New Features-Optional Chaining
JavaScript's Optional Chaining Operator, also known as the conditional ternary operator is one of those cool new features in ES2020 that you need to know.
The Recap - Github Universe Edition
Let's recap Github Universe with a live chat about what you loved with Ray Villalobos, Morten Rand-Hendrikssen and Walt Ritscher with Special Guest Allison Weins Product Manager at Github CodeSpaces.