JavaScript ES2020 New Features-Optional Chaining
JavaScript's Optional Chaining Operator, also known as the conditional ternary operator is one of those cool new features in ES2020 that you need to know.
The Recap - Github Universe Edition
Let's recap Github Universe with a live chat about what you loved with Ray Villalobos, Morten Rand-Hendrikssen and Walt Ritscher with Special Guest Allison Weins Product Manager at Github CodeSpaces.
Using LinkedIn Learning courses with Github Repos
Some LinkedIn Learning technology courses have Github repositories associated with them. They can make your life a whole lot easier when working with the courses.
Notyf, A JavaScript Notification Library that's fully customizable
In this episode, we're taking a look at Notyf, a tiny and flexible notification library that you can use with your javascript, Angular or Vue.js projects.
How to manage your Software Development Career Q&A
What should you study? The importance of Degrees, Internships, Github Repos, Portfolios and how to prove that you can be a developer.
Checking Out Bootstrap's NPM Starter Project
Let's take a look at one of Bootstrap's new projects...the npm starter template that helps you create bootstrap projects a bit quicker if you're using NPM as the basis for your web development projects.
Bootstrap 5 Alpha 1. What's new and what to know if you're migrating.
Bootstrap is the world's most popular CSS Framework, and they recently released the first Alpha for version 5, so let's take a look at some of the new features and what you'll need to know when migrating or updating your projects.
Could this be the best new CSS Icon Library?
Climbing in the Github Star Charts with over 5000 already is this little known new icon It has a ton of features including CSS, SVG and Figma UI icons.
Tech Peeves: What makes you crazy about tech
We love tech but let’s be honest. Some parts are annoying. We’re not talking about big issues here, but the little things that exasperate you every time you encounter them. Join us this week as we grumble about our pet peeves in tech.