Answering the Big CSS Questions - Ep 29

In this episode of The Toolbox, we're talking to Christina Truong and together we're answering all the Big CSS questions about CSS new features, Sass, Grid vs Flexbox and how her Psychology major made her a successful Senior Front End Developer. The Pace of the web is relentless...and that's why you need, The Toolbox.

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Industry News

Lets quickly review some of the latest industry news:

Toolbox Talks

So, last week, I launched a new series of Talks, I'm calling Toolbox Talks and I had a great interview with Ronnie Sheer about Python.

This week, I'm continuing that talking to Christina Truong, who's in the chat ready to answer your questions about CSS. I'll play an interview I did with her and then we'll both come on and answer questions.

Christina does a huge variety of courses on LinkedIn. Everything from getting a job, to Git, design systems and one of our most popular courses on LinkedIn learning. CSS Essential Training with 176k learners.


Coming Soon

Then, I'll be gone for a couple of weeks and then I'll be back. I have another great interview lined up. I'm really trying to figure out what framework I get to cover next...lots of cool stuff out there. See you next week!