Toolbox Talks - Secrets Senior Developers Know with Carlos Solis

Carlos Solis is a professor, developer, and certified Scrum master with more than 20 years of experience in the industry. He's also the author of A Warrior's Guide to Angular JS. He's an expert on building hybrid mobile applications, as well as Node, JS, PHP, SQL and Java. Now he lives in Santiago, Chile, where he works as a product evangelist.

We also talk about some of Carlos' amazing courses you should take on creating Monorepos, GitHub packages and lots more.


  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:38 From Psychology to Development
  • 01:13 What If you don't Have a Traditional Degree
  • 02:48 Everything Depends on the People Around You
  • 03:49 Working in Teams
  • 04:41 Why You'll Like Daily Meetings
  • 05:14 The Agile Methodology
  • 06:33 A Minimum Viable Product
  • 07:59 What Happens In a Daily Meeting
  • 08:58 What Types of Agile are There?
  • 10:15 Creating a Knowledge System
  • 12:02 How to Use Your Notes
  • 13:56 What does a Developer Advocate Do?
  • 15:35 Differences between a Junior and Senior Developer
  • 16:26 Creating a GitHub Package
  • 18:00 Why is Creating a Package Important
  • 19:25 Creating Mono Repos
  • 21:48 Big Companies Acquired Open Source Projects
  • 23:28 New Technologies: Micro Front Ends
  • 24:57 Dealing with Legacy Code
  • 25:12 Where can Someone Find You?