Toolbox Talks - DevOps Secrets for Full Stack Developers

In another special Toolbox Talks episode, we talk to Michael Jenkins, a senior systems engineer at a leading entertainment company about his career path, DevOps tips that developers should know, what's going on with Cloud Coding and if GitHub Actions is ready to go as a CI/CD tool.

DevOps combines software development with deployment and operations. It's something that experienced and seasoned developers are familiar with.


  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:38 From Psychology to Development
  • 01:13 What If you don't Have a Traditional Degree
  • 02:48 Everything Depends on the People Around You
  • 03:49 Working in Teams
  • 04:41 Why You'll Like Daily Meetings
  • 05:14 The Agile Methodology
  • 06:33 A Minimum Viable Product
  • 07:59 What Happens In a Daily Meeting
  • 08:58 What Types of Agile are There?
  • 10:15 Creating a Knowledge System
  • 12:02 How to Use Your Notes
  • 13:56 What does a Developer Advocate Do?
  • 15:35 Differences between a Junior and Senior Developer
  • 16:26 Creating a GitHub Package
  • 18:00 Why is Creating a Package Important
  • 19:25 Creating Mono Repos
  • 21:48 Big Companies Acquired Open Source Projects
  • 23:28 New Technologies: Micro Front Ends
  • 24:57 Dealing with Legacy Code
  • 25:12 Where can Someone Find You?

00:00) Intro
00:30 Education
01:19 What did you learn from College?
02:20 What Pointed You Towards DevOps
05:56 Passion for Journalism?
08:16 Volunteering and Networking
10:27 Encouraging UpSkilling
11:55 ChatOps to Improve Your Meetings
12:52 Cloud Coding and CodeSpaces
16:37 Can GitHub Actions Deliver Pro CI/CD?
17:51 What Makes a great DevOps Engineer
20:16 Opportunities in DevOps
21:01 Getting a Hold of Michael