Should Web Developers Learn Python - Ep 28

In this episode of The Toolbox, we're talking about how much Python...Web Developers should know. I'm trying out a new interview series I'm calling Toolbox Talks with Ronnie Sheer, who is in the Chat ready to answer your questions about Python, breaking into the industry and all of the full stack tools he uses. The pace of the web is relentless and that's why you need...the Toolbox.

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Turn on the Bell Icon

I'm trying out lots of new things on LinkedIn and LinkedIn learning...the best way to keep up with me to my profile and click on the bell icon. It's not something you can see on your own profile, but it would be right where the pencil edit icon would be.

Audio Conversations

Last week, my friends Morten, Simon and I tried one of the new LinkedIn features...Audio Conversations. It's sort of like a ClubHouse, if you've done that before...It's not just me talking, but people can come on stage and participate.

If you go there right now, you can't replay it and for right now it doesn't get recorded, which I sort of like so things are spur of the moment and the conversation is kept private.

For example, I talked about how I'm over the CSS Cascade, some of my problems with React and lots of other stuff.

I'm hoping to do more audio events soon so make sure you click on that notification icon if you want to learn more.

Toolbox Talks

I've met some amazing people over the years working at LinkedIn and and I wanted to have an opportunity to talk to them about breaking into the industry, their thoughts on education, the stack...which is the frameworks and tools they use and more.

I did a poll a few weeks ago about this and the results were a bit mixed with New Frameworks and Libraries being first on the list followed by Tips and then Interviews.

I would really love to get some feedback on what you like about the show and where you'd like it to go.

We'll, today I'll be sharing a conversation I had with Ronnie Sheer, Head of Research and Development at Hiverr and Author of several courses on Python, CoPilot and Git.

I have some more interviews on the way, so let me know what you think in the chat. Both he and I will be answering questions while his interview plays and then hopefully we'll have time for a Q&A.


GitHub CoPilot Releases

One thing I did want to mention that we did talk about in the interview is that CoPilot has released this week. $10/month and that would be on top of your GitHub subscription if you have one, but it's independent. It's available for individuals, but not companies yet.


Coming Soon

A bit of news, I'll be going on vacation in about a couple of weeks around July 4th, so next week, I'll do another Toolbox Talk with Christina Truong where we talk about her career, features in CSS she's excited about. Flexbox versus Grid and other great topics.

Then, I'll be gone for a couple of weeks and then I'll be back. I'm really trying to figure out what framework I get to cover next...lots of cool stuff out there. See you next week!