What's new in Bootstrap 5.1-Ep02

In this episode...Bootstrap has released a new version of it's popular front end Framework. V ersion 5.1 offers lots of new features and a move towards CSS Grid. In this episode, we'll discuss the changes and what they mean to someone who wants to update.

In this impromptu Toolbox Episode. Bootstrap 5.1 just dropped, We'll talk about the brand new features just announced for Bootstrap 5.1. The key new features I talk about are the new CSS Grid option for building layouts, the updates to the OffCanvas components which are now available in navbars, placeholder component, horizontal collapse, stack and vertical rule helpers, the new CSS variables, updated utilities and more.

00:00 Intro
01:00 What's New
03:06 Impact of CSS Grid
13:08 Offscreen Canvas
14:33 Placeholders
15:50 Horizontal Collapse
16:30 Vstack and Hstack
18:33 CSS Variables
19:36 Color Utilities (bg and text)
20:37 New Examples
21:45 Small Changes
25:10 Q&A