The State of CSS-Ep16

In this Special episode of The Toolbox, I'm going to go over the annual State of CSS survey and talk about why it helps me figure out what I need to learn.

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Alright, normally, I'd have a bunch of different segments coming up, but I'm retooling things and the Toolbox has stirred up some new ideas that you'll see coming up in my future courses. So I'm taking the time to retool, refresh and update over the rest of the year.

Alright, so let's talk about the State of CSS.

The State of CSS

This is part of three big surveys that happen once a year. The other one is the State of JS and the Stack Overflow Surveys…which both happen earlier in the year. The largest of them is the Stack Overflow survey with over 80,000 respondents last time it was taken, but it's a bit more generic.

What's nice about the State of Surveys how granular they are. They get into the very specific new features of the languages. It's a much smaller sample size with the State of JavaScript at 23,765 people and the State of CSS with only 8,714 respondents.

These surveys definitely have a bias towards the US, but any data is good data and I don't see a lot of people answering these types of questions.