Tech Peeves: What makes you crazy about tech
We love tech but let’s be honest. Some parts are annoying. We’re not talking about big issues here, but the little things that exasperate you every time you encounter them. Join us this week as we grumble about our pet peeves in tech.
Let's Play with Github's CodeSpaces
Ray Villalobos got early access to Github CodeSpaces, so let's spend a few minutes together and talk about how it works and what you can do with it.
NAP Technical Support Q&A
In this Episode of NAP - Not a Podcast, we take questions from our LinkedIn Friends and answer. You have questions. The NAP team (might) have answers!
Biggest Professional Mistakes
The NAP team breaks down their biggest career blunders. Maybe there's something to learn from their mistakes to help you career improve in Technology.
Tech Journeys - How we got a job in Technology
The NAP friends all come from various backgrounds and have broken into tech in different and not so conventional ways.
Tech Trends-Not a Podcast
The NAP crew thrives on technology. Being proficient in our chosen tech field means that we try to sense the upcoming tech trends, so we’re prepared for what’s next.
Making the Most of your Browser
The browser is the Swiss army knife of the Web, in this episode we talk about how we use the browsers as technologists, how to manage tabs, profiles and what extensions work best to turbo-charge your experience.
Best Technology Movies To Watch
In this livestream we'll discuss our favorite technology movies. With special guest Ashley Kennedy. Morten Rand-Hendriksen and Ray Villalobos with dueling time travel movies and who knows what Walt Ritscher will bring.
What to do when not TECH-ing
We share when we do when we're not wresting with technology. Share with us what you're doing when you're not coding, tech-ing, azure-ing, etc.