Need to Know Basis
Just the other day, I learned something in my editing software...ScreenFlow that shocked me. It's one of those things that saved me so much time, it felt like I gained an extra lung and became more efficient at breathing. And I did it in the middle of that project.
Failure to Communicate
This week I give my daughter some great advice on my birthday about recognizing when failure helps you make changes. Plus some communication related adjustments I've been making to become a better teacher.
The Perils of Multi-tasking
I got sick last week and couldn't record videos. So in this edition, I talk about the power of leveraging one activity to get multiple pieces of content, plus, how that can be a struggle when managing your life.
The Power of the Story
I attended a ClubHouse event last week with some high profile Engineering Hiring Managers on the topic of getting a job in Technology. I had a chance to ask them a question: Tell me about an instance when someone really impressed you during an interview. I didn't expect the reply, but I should have.
Spending Time to Make Time
Developers are notorious for being lazy. I'm obsessed with streamlining processes, it's one of those things that brings joy to my heart. In this issue, I try to save you some time.
Make it Small
I was recording a course last week when I ran into an unsurmountable problem. You know the type where you think: I have no idea why this isn't working or how to solve this. Here's how I solve the big..and small problems.
Success Hasn't Spoiled Me...Yet!
The newsletter shattered my expectations with over 5000 subscriptions the first week. Trying hard to not let it get to my head, I talk about my learning habit and lots of other developer tips.
Lets Get Started
In this first edition, I try to explain what I'm doing with the newsletter, a bit of my background story and highlight some of the work I've been doing recently.