Remix. The Backend React JavaScript Framework
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Recently, there's been a move from the front end to the backend and Remix, formerly a React Router libray has graduated to a full framework giving you a lot of super cool
Pico CSS, The Exquisitely Classless Web Design Framework
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CSS frameworks are awesome, but they can often be a pain to work with. The classes you have to write get complex quickly. The main concept behind Pico is to let you create as much content as possible with little or no classes.
SplideJS - Flexible and Accessible Carousel for Web Designers
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This is a really cool library that gives you almost every option for creating different kinds of carousels. Touch enabled, has usability and accessibility features, pagination, vertical slides and really, just about any feature that I would want in a carousel.
Open Props Review: The CSS Variable Framework
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One of the ways that some CSS frameworks are trying to make things easier is by giving you a set of pre-defined variables that can help you create a consistent look for your sites. Open Props offers a modular and extensible way to create designs based on these variables
Learning from Code Samples
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Code screenshots have taken over social media timelines. Although they get a ton of engagement, how should you use them to learn and perhaps as a way to help your development team or your interviews get better.
What's New in Tailwind CSS 3
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Tailwind CSS 3 is a new version of the utility-first CSS framework that shook the world a few years ago. Let's take a look at why it's gotten so dominant so quickly and what's changed in the latest version.
Should I bother learning Astro?
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I don't like learning new things as much as the next person, but when everyone starts screaming about the next new framework everyone 'loves', I begin to understand why too much curiosity can be a bad thing.
Windi CSS: Is it a Tailwind CSS Killer?
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When it was released, Tailwind CSS is of those frameworks that made everyone notice. Popularity, breeds competition and there's a contender that's been gaining ground called WindiCSS. Let's take a look at why you'd want to consider it, and then we'll build something with it.
GitHub Copilot Demo and Review
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Well...the secret about being a programmer is that you're always looking things up. Wether it's through MDN, the mozilla developer network. Github Copilot works sort of like AutoComplete, but it's a lot cooler. To use it, you can just try to write a function with a logical name and the AI will use billions of lines of code to give you something that...well might work.
Best Bootstrap 5 Features-Turn a button into a checkbox or radio form element
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Bootstrap 5 has a lot of new features, but sometimes it's the smaller things that really impress me. Let's take a look at just one of those new features. Making something that looks like a button behave like a checkbox or radio element