What's New in Tailwind CSS 3
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Tailwind CSS 3 is a new version of the utility-first CSS framework that shook the world a few years ago. Let's take a look at why it's gotten so dominant so quickly and what's changed in the latest version.
Should I bother learning Astro?
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I don't like learning new things as much as the next person, but when everyone starts screaming about the next new framework everyone 'loves', I begin to understand why too much curiosity can be a bad thing.
Windi CSS: Is it a Tailwind CSS Killer?
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When it was released, Tailwind CSS is of those frameworks that made everyone notice. Popularity, breeds competition and there's a contender that's been gaining ground called WindiCSS. Let's take a look at why you'd want to consider it, and then we'll build something with it.
GitHub Copilot Demo and Review
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Well...the secret about being a programmer is that you're always looking things up. Wether it's through MDN, the mozilla developer network. Github Copilot works sort of like AutoComplete, but it's a lot cooler. To use it, you can just try to write a function with a logical name and the AI will use billions of lines of code to give you something that...well might work.
Best Bootstrap 5 Features-Turn a button into a checkbox or radio form element
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Bootstrap 5 has a lot of new features, but sometimes it's the smaller things that really impress me. Let's take a look at just one of those new features. Making something that looks like a button behave like a checkbox or radio element
Hacking the Bootstrap Carousel: Automating the Creation of Carousel Features Using JavaScript
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If you often add indicators and controls to your Bootstrap 5 carousel, you can make that process easier using JavaScript to generate those for you, requiring only additional classes.
Hacking the Bootstrap 5 Carousel: Building Sidebar Carousels with CSS
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You don't have to a single carousel on a page, they work really well on sidebars to cycle through content, getting attention by using their sliding or fading features.
Hacking the Bootstrap 5 Carousel: Consistent Height Carousels with CSS Gradients and Object Fit
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The Bootstrap Carousel is one of the the most popular components in Bootstrap 5, but we have the technology to improve it and at the same time learn about some of my favorite new css features object-position and object-fit.
The Launch Video LiveStream: Understanding how React Hooks work with GraphQL using the Github GraphQL API
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GraphQL and React are extemely popular web development platforms and if I was looking for a job something that i'd definitely want on my resume. The Github API is public and pretty well made, so it makes it a great place to experiment on something practical.
Online Tools, Extensions and Modules to Get Started on your Next Web Development Project
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You've got a new project to build, but how to begin. Ohhh the many ways to go. Should I use React, Svelte or Vue.js. Bootstrap or Tailwind, which Bundler should I use. Heres some great ways to get going quickly.